Top 5 Reasons for Whiteboard Animation Video

I have collected here the leading 5 reasons you need Whiteboard Animation.

Increase Interest

Whiteboard Animation videos are good at grabbing the attention of your audience and describing your business to them. They get attention is that they are fun and they inform in an easy and interesting way. Some products are complex and it is hard to understand what they do. Animation videos can help describe exactly what you do without overcomplicating it


Keep People on Your Site

A high bounce rate on your site shows that people are clicking on your site and leaving rapidly. Sites that have a video that can grab visitors attention quickly and keep them from leaving the page. A Whiteboard Animation video on your website can show that you are a specialist in your field.

Boost Your SEO

A great method to increase SEO is to get a video. The fact has discovered that businesses with a video are 53x’s more likely to get on the first page of Google.

Explain Abstract Concepts

When you have an idea that is too intricate or abstract for many to understand, these videos will explain it in easily. It can be a lot easier to reveal with drawings than inform when it pertains to complex and abstract ideas. Animation videos can bring your concepts to life.

Make the Sale

Once they see videos about the business, studies show fifty to 85% percent of customers are most likely to make a purchase from a company. Consumers get bored reading long text and long marketing messages. Whiteboard animation videos separate the uninteresting old ways and bring a brand-new way of selling. Current research studies show that even a single “How It Works” video on a site will improve their sales volume as much as 60% compared with those products that do not have a clear video discussion. Videos will assist you to enhance your website and compete in the market.

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A whiteboard video or whiteboard animation video is a form of video marketing that makes use of an online whiteboard where a sketch artist draws or shows an explanation about how a procedure, product, or service works. Easy to understand – whiteboard videos use innovative sketches that catch the attention of the audience better so that they do not feel bored or get sidetracked and look away. More affordable to produce – unlike live action and 3D animated videos that can be costly to produce, whiteboard videos are much simpler and cost-effective. To produce a whiteboard video, you only require a little well-lit studio, electronic camera equipment, a cam team, a whiteboard with markers or a conventional chalkboard with chalk sticks, a sketch artist, a storyteller, and a video manufacturer. Whiteboard videos are also ideal for audiences with short attention periods or are too busy to look at full-length videos.

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